Recovering Damaged Markings and Refreshing Existing Markings

Coupe Line offers competitive pricing on refreshing existing road markings and for all kinds of different clientele. For a free quotation with a proven track record of deadline completion, please call us on 01388 774040 or email us your details of your enquiry today.

Refreshing existing markings on all surfaces from motorways, roads and other highways to airports, car parks and sports areas in a multitude of different environments and for local authority, council, commercial and private clients is the specialism of Coupe Line. Recovering existing markings is a cost-effective solution where budgets are restricted, yet the results are extremely effective, providing a marked visual enhancement in all situations.


Coupe Line is the United Kingdom’s leading independent road markings contractor and as such, with three decades of experience, is one of the UK's leading line and graphics marking operators for all locations. Our specialist refreshing existing markings and recovering damaged markings services are renowned nationwide. This excellent reputation within the industry is based on a number of attributes including our professional approach, detailed project planning, competitive pricing, highest standards of workmanship, outstanding customer care, flexibility in working times and the delivery of every project with the minimum of disruption.    

Our crews of operators are highly-trained and qualified, whilst our quality assurance strategies ensure the highest levels of operator performance and project completion quality. It is also important to mention that inherent in our approach to each and every project are the highest standards of health and safety and environmental considerations, whilst always minimising disruption to our clients.  


In many situations, refreshing existing line markings is the realistic alternative to much higher cost line and markings removals, surface repair where necessary and the application of new line markings. By simply refreshing existing markings where applicable there are the very real benefits to be gained of both faster project completion and much lower project completion costs.

At Coupe Line we offer the versatility to recover and refresh not only line markings, but also, in addition, we can restore damaged surface graphics and re-cover coloured surfaces. Our work results in a number of major advantages for our clients including improving road safety, enhancing user visual perceptions plus revitalising working and activity environments.



As a snapshot of the range of clients and diverse locations to which we can apply our services for refreshing existing markings and recovering damaged markings, please view this list of examples;
motorways • roads • public highways • county councils • city councils • highways authority • commercial airports, private airfields, civil aviation authority • ministry of defence • military airports • RAF • ferry terminals • national ports • international ports • naval bases • sports centres • private sports facilities • shopping centres • retail parks • supermarkets • schools • colleges • universities • hospitals • garages • caravan parks • visitor attractions • corporate businesses • private contractors • private customers.

Regardless of the complexity, scale or budget of your project, you can rest assured that Coupe Line’s professional approach and excellent delivery of client projects is second to none. For a free quotation, competitive pricing, a proven track record of deadline completion and guaranteed work, please email us details of your enquiry or call us today on 01388 774040.