Pot Hole & Patching Solutions

Coupe Line makes repairing pot holes a simple process. The process is broken down into three stages; Plane, Prepare and Patch.

Below is a series of photo's showing the full method of pothole repair we use for quick, permanent and cost effective road repair.

1) Identify the areas requiring attention and plane

1 identify and plane

2) Plane out the surface

Plane out

3) Sweep debris to ensure good adhesion to work surface 

Sweet debris

4) The surface is now ready for the tack coat

Ready for Tack Coat

5) The first area of many now tackcoated

Tack coated

6) Multiple areas of the surface now tackcoated and ready for coating

Multiple Areas Ready

7) Specialist hot box asphalt truck to apply the asphalt

Specialist hot box asphalt truck

8) Asphalt patches complete

Asphalt patches complete

9) Patching and refreshed lining now fully complete

Patching and refreshed lining