Overbanding and Joint Sealing - Professional Services From Coupe Line

Coupe Line uses overbanding and joint sealing to solidify road safety and help the road from deteriorating further. For a free quotation with a proven track record of deadline completion, please call us on 01388 774040 or email us your details of your enquiry today.

Overbanding and joint sealing are two of the specialist services provided by Coupe Line. These are highly important processes as they not only significantly improve road safety but they help prevent further road surface and structure deterioration and degradation that would eventually lead to the necessity of incredibly more expensive full highway repair work.

As the UK’s largest independent road marking contractor, Coupe Line possesses enormous experience in such cost-saving overbanding and joint sealing remedial processes for all highway and airport runway surfaces and in all environments and locations.


The safety of road users is the responsibility of local authorities who must ensure that highway degradation is effectively dealt with to reduce the risk of road traffic accidents, casualties and fatalities.

We offer three main types of overbanding and joint sealing services to undertake the various types and extent of road damage remedial work;

1. Overbanding
This process is used where very small cracks have developed in road surfaces. We use a fluid product to penetrate and infiltrate the cracks and then seal the surface.
2. Fill and Overband
This process is undertaken on open joints and when surface cracks are wider. These are firstly infilled and then a surface sealing is applied.
3. Inlaid Single Crack
Where cracks are deeper and wider, the process involves the routing or planing of the crack area prior to infilling.
4. Inlaid Multiple Cracks
This process is applied to areas of multiple cracks. The extended affected area is routed and planed prior to infilling.



Coupe Line's exceptional overbanding and joint sealing services are used on both asphalt and concrete surfaces using a type 1 hot application bituminous screed and an anti-skid sealant in our preventative treatment and repair of single and multiple narrow cracks and joints. The advantages of this approach are high resistance to wear, a highly durable solution, an extension of highway life, a non-reflective finish and a superior skid resistance value (SRV).

With three decades of practical experience in the road repair industry our highly experienced teams make a major contribution to road safety and ensure that our clients receive the highest standards of work and customer care, with health and safety a priority at all times. Not only do we offer a rapid response for emergency repairs where accidents cause damage to the highway, we also undertake road repairs on longer stretches of highway on a contract basis.



For a free quotation, competitive pricing, a proven track record of deadline completion and guaranteed work, please email us details of your enquiry or call us today on 01388 774040.