Hydroblasting, Scabbling and Thermal Lance Line Removal Services

Coupe Line offers Line removal which use scabbling, burning by thermic lance and the more environmentally friendly hydro blast technology all at competitive prices. For free quotations with a proven track record of deadline completion, please call us on 01388 774040 or email us your details of your enquiry today.


Line removal of unwanted markings can be easily achieved by Coupe Line using a variety of different methods, specifically hydroblasting, thermal lance and scabbling. Some older processes produced significant noise and unpleasant fume emissions. However, our preferred method is hydroblasting using world-class equipment provided by our sister company H2-GO. This advanced method has distinct advantages over other, older processes which produced significant noise and unpleasant fume emissions. By using a high pressure water system, we can not only speed up the process of line removal of unwanted markings significantly, but achieve this in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Visit www.h2-go.com for full details of our revolutionary process.

We are proud to be able to advise that we have three decades of successful operation in our specialist industrial sector and that we are now the largest independent road marking contractor in the UK. As a result our professional teams of operatives are extremely highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of our service provision. We are renowned for the excellence of our project planning and delivery, our cost-effective pricing, our adherence to project deadlines, our prioritisation of health and safety and our care for the environment.



Across the United Kingdom we are experienced at working on all types of line removal and road markings removal projects in all environments and to a diverse range of clients. These include motorways, roads, bus lanes, car parks, cycle lanes, factories and industrial sites, ferry terminals, railway stations, airports, airport runways, airport taxiways, sports facilities, supermarkets, schools, colleges and universities. In addition, please note that we undertake the removal of interior markings in such as warehouses, as well as our normal exterior line removal services. We prepare surfaces for new re-lining projects, remove old and obsolete line markings ready for new or alternative road systems and restore unmarked surfaces ready for the re-lining of additional traffic lanes.

Hydroblasting Line Removal and Road Markings Removal Services

Hydroblasting line removal is our preferred process as it is extremely cost-effective, delivers fast project completion, doesn't damage the highway surface, removes all the original markings and is extremely environmentally-friendly. Our self-contained high pressure water units safely and quietly remove all types of UK road markings from concrete, asphalt and surface dressed roads, leaving no debris.


Scabbling Line Removal and Road Markings Removal Services

Scabbling line and road markings removal cuts, grinds and planes away the unwanted markings, but has several disadvantages. It can result in partial removal unless greater thicknesses are removed which can cause damage and necessitate costly repair work, whilst ghost images of the original markings may remain in the surface irregularities.

Thermal Lance Line Removal and Road Markings Removal Services

Thermal lance line removal burns off line markings at extremely high temperatures, but has the disadvantages of being slow, noisy, causing fume pollution and causing surface damage.

For a free quotation, competitive pricing, a proven track record of deadline completion and guaranteed work, please email us details of your enquiry or call us today on 01388 774040.