High Friction Surfacing & Anti Skid Services from Coupe Line

Coupe Line offers colourful, durable and top quality high friction surfaces all at competitive prices. For free quotations with a proven track record of deadline completion, please call us on 01388 774040 or email us your details of your enquiry today.




Coupe Line are renowned throughout the United Kingdom for their high friction road surfacing and anti-skid road marking services. With three decades of experience at the forefront of the UK road marking industry, clients choose our professional services in full confidence of receiving the highest standards of workmanship, customer care, health and safety and consideration of the environment.

All projects are different and we are able to provide a range of material applications to meet exact client requirements. All materials used are of the highest specification to ensure high performance, high friction road surfacing solutions that have high skid resistance values with excellent adhesion qualities in a range of different environments, for a wide range of purposes and on a variety of surfaces. We enjoy the huge advantage that these materials are produced by our sister company, Shildon Thermoplastics, at our headquarters location in North East England. With its own on-site laboratory and continuing rigorous quality assurance standards in all production processes, we are guaranteed high material product standards that are accredited by nationally recognised governing bodies including the BSI (British Standards Institute) and the BBA (British Board of Agrément). In addition, with the introduction of BBA Type 1 Approved Thermogrip High Friction Surfacing we can provide our clients with an excellent road safety product for high traffic volume areas and high risk hazard areas.




A major advantage of our operation is our highly-skilled and incredibly experienced crews who ensure a highly efficient project management from initial project planning in conjunction with clients, the provision of precise technical advice, right through to project completion within agreed deadlines. We target solutions that are beneficial to both clients and all road users, that are rapid and economical to apply and maintain, and are environmentally friendly. Our services offer the minimum disruption to road users and provide high durability and wear resistance, a variety of colours with high colour retention, year round application and the ability to applied to new tarmac surfaces.

The primary purpose of high friction road surfacing and anti skid road marking is to enhance road safety to help prevent road traffic accidents and help reduce injuries and fatalities. In addition, a secondary aim is road management by targeting keeping traffic moving safely and smoothly with the minimum of disruption.



Our high friction surfacing and anti-skid road marking services can be used in a wide variety of road traffic environments including motorways, roads, traffic management areas, traffic calming areas, heavy braking areas, service ramps and even footbridges. Examples of the uses and benefits include such as improving road safety, skid resistance, slip resistance, segregating and directing traffic, providing informative and instructional visual guide directions for traffic, enabling speed regulation guides, enhancing heavy breaking areas to reduce accidents and improve traffic safety, providing an audible warning to road users… plus ensuring higher and safer visibility in dark and poor weather conditions via varied colours, brightness and reflectivity of both lines and surfaced areas. Typical example uses are use on motorways, roads, highways, roundabouts, roundabout lane entrances and exits, traffic lights, zebra crossing approaches, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian zones, service ramps, bus routes, bridges, ferry terminals, railway platforms, airports, bus stations, car parks, cycleways, footpaths, walkways, factory and industrial premises plus leisure and sports areas.

For a free quotation, competitive pricing, a proven track record of deadline completion and guaranteed work, please email us details of your enquiry or call us today on 01388 774040.