Say hello to Millie Rose

Millie Rose in the Coupe Line colours, with added social media logos so people will know to find us on Facebook, Google + and Instagram.[..]

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Hong Kong

Coupe Line's head of marketing and business development visits Hong Kong and notices some very different road markings to ours in the UK Hampshire and County Durham.[..]

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Road Markings and High friction

Bellevue Terrace and Museum Road high friction buff surfacing by Coupe Line in Portsmouth Hampshire, we have successfully laid brightly coloured high friction in green and red to highlight the road layout and will return tonight to complete the road markings.[..]

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Coupe Line southern hard at work!

New car park markings for disabled parking and motorcycle bays featuring lettering and logos in white and yellow thermoplastic at Formaplex, Portsmouth Hampshire by Coupe Line. Visit our Coupe Line Southern website , Google + or Facebook for more![..]

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Coupe line has Facebook!!

Coupe Line has a fully activate Facebook page. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message and don't forget to ...Like us on Facebook[..]

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Website updates

Coupe Line and Coupe Line Southern have updated all their photos in the photogallery, you can see more of our images on Facebook[..]

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